Impartial Professional Advice

Diagnosis of Ill Health in Trees

Prompt Tree Reports and Surveys

What is a Tree Report?

A detailed examination of your tree which identifies the species, measures the height and spread etc, looks for ill health and weak points, judges it within its surroundings and makes recommendations for remedial work if required.

What is a Tree Survey?

A Report on a group of trees, maybe in a garden or on a plot of land for sale, maybe on a housing or industrial estate with shared ownership. Lots of buildings (like schools) have plenty of trees and they need to know of any problems for public liability reasons.

Mortgage and Insurance companies often require detailed tree reports on trees close to a property you intend to buy/insure before they will do business with you.

Anyone buying a house with trees in close proximity should get a survey done for their own piece of mind. Trees are often covered by a Tree Preservation Order or are situated within a Conservation Area. If this is the case then the owner of the tree will need to get permission from the local authority before they do any non-emergency work on any tree.

If your tree has fungus at any time of the year it is showing signs of ill health. An impartial and professional opinion of your trees health will let you decide what to do.

NOTE: There is a charge for tree reports and surveys

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